Venetian Floors – Punjab’s finest. Just when you thought apartment living couldn’t get any better, it has. Greater Mohali Area is where you should be. This is where Venetian Floors are going to come up, where your family would love living in the not so distant future. Your home at Venetian Floors comes with the promise of the ultimate in cluster lifestyle in an architectural masterpiece. The essence of luxury living blends with all homely comforts. It’s a way of life you’ve always deserved. Here’s a sneak peek at what it could be like. It’s morning. You’ve just got back from a rigorous workout and open the large windows to your bedroom, welcoming invigorating fresh air.

Bright and gentle sunlight travels in to add its patchwork of light and shade to this and ever y other part of your home. You hear the happy, constant chatter of your children, and your wife’s indulgent, loving words as you get ready for the day ahead, a smile on your face. Fifteen minutes later, after a filling breakfast, the whole family heads out – the children to their school, the two of you to work just a short drive away in Chandigarh.

At Venetian Floors, it’s not just modern living spaces one gets. Each apartment is a towering style statement. Inspired by European architecture, the accent is on cutting edge, flowing design, layout and workmanship. Each apartment is part of an upscale development, yet gives an individual sense of ownership to the residents. Indoor and outdoor spaces are a resident’s delight. Contemporary design and layout cues abound indoors, and the outdoor space has a feature unique to Venetian Floors – lush, abundant greens. This development is rightly creating the buzz, for all the right reasons.


  • Just a 5 minute drive from the heart of Chandigarh with excellent connectivity.
  • Contemporary European architecture with great attention to detail.
  • Choice of 3 bedroom independent floors on 300 and 400 sq. yard plots with S. Room.
  • Ample parking with well-designed bays – Abundant landscaped and lush green parks and areas.
  • Easy access to the finest sports and recreational facilities within the development – an exclusive clubhouse, courts for basketball, tennis, badminton, a gym and health club,
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